Permission to Tryout (Twin Centre Hericanes)

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Permission to Tryout
This form is for current TCGHA registered players that wish to try out with another association. Permission to Tryout forms must be completed via the online form below and signed by a designated TCGHA executive member and presented to the association/team for which the player wishes to try out before she is allowed on the ice. Failure to comply could result in a suspension for the offending player and/or head coach. Please note that should you subsequently request a release from TCGHA, even as a current Township of Wellesley resident, your non-import status within TCGHA may be impacted in accordance with policy MO-06-07 - Player Status. We will only provide a PTT for A/AA division hockey. Tier 1/Tier 2 language is not accepted.

Player Informaton

*All fields are required

Tryout Information

Please enter in at least one team and tryout date. If you will be trying out for multiple teams you can enter in up to 3 total. ** You must enter in tryout dates for all the teams you are trying out for.

TCGHA Use Only

This section will be completed by TCGHA after the form has been submitted.

This document is NOT a player release.  No player may participate in any OWHA sanctioned activity with a team other than where she was last registered, unless she has been released by OWHA Releases or have a properly executed Permission to Tryout form. 

Falsification of this form may result in a suspension of the player of up to three years as per Hockey Canada Regulation.  Player is to retain the original copy.  Please submit copy for each OWHA tryout.