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Apr 15, 2024 | Andy Miller | 420 views
2024/25 Rep Coaches
Congratulations to the following Rep coaches for next season

U11B/C  Mark Kropf

U13B Chris Cook

U15B Shawn Bonnick & Nicole Vasey

U18B Amanda Rose


Mark Kropf:
 Coach Mark is a passionate and dedicated mentor who is gearing up to lead the U11 girls hockey team this season. With years of experience both as a player and a coach, Coach Mark brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to the rink. Known for his positive approach and emphasis on skill development, he fosters a supportive and inclusive environment where each player can thrive and grow both on and off the ice. From honing fundamental skills to instilling teamwork and sportsmanship, Coach Mark is committed to guiding these young athletes on their journey to success.


Chris Cook:
 Coach Chris beams with excitement as he prepares to take the reins of the girls U13 hockey team following their triumphant season. He envisions a future brimming with growth, teamwork, and unparalleled success. Inspired by the team's recent achievements, he eagerly anticipates the opportunity to foster a culture of dedication and passion on and off the ice. With a blend of strategic planning and genuine enthusiasm, Coach Chris is determined to cultivate a nurturing environment where each player can flourish and reach their full potential. As he eagerly gathers his coaching staff and maps out training sessions, his heart swells with pride at the prospect of guiding these young athletes toward even greater accomplishments in the seasons ahead.


Shawn Bonnick: 
Coach Shawn, steps up to lead the girls U15 hockey team after a triumphant season with the girls U13 squad last year. With his keen eye for talent, strategic decisions, and unwavering dedication, Coach Shawn is poised to guide the U15 team to even greater heights. His ability to inspire and nurture the players' skills both on and off the ice has earned him the respect and admiration of his athletes and fellow coaches alike. Under his guidance, the U15 team is poised to excel, fueled by a combination of determination, teamwork, and Coach Shawn's proven track record of success. 

Nicole Vasey:
Coach Nicole is a dedicated non-parent mentor who will help guide the U15 girls hockey team with passion and expertise next year. With years of experience both on and off the ice, she cultivates a supportive environment where each player feels valued and empowered to reach their full potential. From refining individual skills to fostering team cohesion, Coach Nicole will help instill discipline, determination, and sportsmanship in her players. Her strategic insights and unwavering encouragement will inspire the team to overcome challenges and achieve victories, both on the scoreboard and in their personal growth as athletes. Under her guidance, the U15 girls hockey team hopes to thrive, not only as skilled competitors but also as resilient individuals poised for success on and off the rink.


Amanda Rose:
The news of Coach Amanda's return to the U18 girls' hockey team sparked waves of excitement throughout the Hericane community. Known for her unwavering dedication, infectious enthusiasm, and remarkable ability to inspire players, Coach Amanda is more than just a coach; she's a mentor, a role model, and a friend. Her passion for the game and genuine care for each player's development transcends the rink, leaving a lasting impact on every young athlete fortunate enough to be under her guidance. As she steps back onto the ice with her signature smile and encouraging words, anticipation builds for a season filled with growth, camaraderie, and unforgettable moments under Coach Amanda's expert leadership.
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