Electronic Devices to remain outside of all change rooms!, News (Twin Centre Hericanes)

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Dec 06, 2017 | Barb Esbaugh | 901 views
Electronic Devices to remain outside of all change rooms!
Re:  Electronic Devices include but not limited to – Cameras, Camera Phones and Personal Digital Assistants, PDA’S (iPods©, Blackberry’s©, etc)

Technology advancements have allowed cell phones, PDA’S, etc to carry new functions – such as cameras that allow users to secretly photograph objects in front of them while appearing to dial a number. These phones are very popular and widespread. The ability to snap photos without others knowing has raised significant concerns for members within our Association.

The potential exists for deviant behaviour of camera-phone users photographing others undressing and showering in change rooms. Cell phones already take better pictures than most video cameras; cell phones eliminate the evidence (send it somewhere else), rather than storing it where it can be easily found; unlike video cameras, cell phones, iPods, etc don’t require disguises or excuses to be brought into such sensitive areas as change rooms, bathrooms etc.  If someone uses a device in this way and takes a photo and puts it on the Internet, it’s a violation of personal privacy and will not be tolerated by the Twin Centre Hericanes Association. Therefore, the following policy will take effect immediately: The use of any form of Camera, Video Camera, Camera Cell Phone or Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) is prohibited in or around any recreational facility change room, during any Hericanes sanctioned event.